Where Has Good Customer Service gone?

What does Dinosaurs and Good Customer Service have in Common?

Who would have thought that in the year 2018 good customer service would be running neck and neck with the dinosaurs by being “EXTINCT”?! We know it is a hard truth to swallow, but the reality is, that in a society of reality TV and the claim that every person who is being rude is the new definition of being “real”, good customer service is hard to find.

Whether it’s at the grocery store where the attendant who is suppose to greet you with a smile followed by a friendly “may I help you find anything,” instead frowns as they see you come in the door and immediately puts their head down to keep from speaking to you, or the worker at the fast-food restaurant who rolls their eyes at you because you asked for extra condiments (when they didn’t give you ANY in the first place) to go with the meal you just purchased from their establishment. Anywhere you go today seems like a hard task for many to just give some good old-fashioned common courtesy or just plain’ol “good customer service”.

Well, not here at OnPointe Alliance! At OnPointe Alliance, we make good customer service our #1 priority. If it’s having us to provide you a notary service or needing mobile fingerprints provided, we operate with excellence in customer service. The Dallas-DFW area is a very large area and there are many other companies who provide fingerprint and notary services. But we not only stand by our quality of work and services, but we first and foremost stand by our commitment to provide our customers with a friendly and professional atmosphere when coming to the office or whether we show up to you for a mobile fingerprinting or notary service at your place of employment. Either way, we want your experience with us to be a pleasant and most importantly, a positively memorable experience.

We have what you’re looking for!

Here are a few reviews from some of our customers concerning their experiences with OnPointe:

If you are ready for your encounter with good customer service, we would love for you to experience it here with us at OnPointe Alliance. Remember, we are here to assist you with your business needs including mobile fingerprints and notary services, background checks and on-boarding process.

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