TIPS is national purchasing cooperative offering competitively solicitated contracts to education government and nonprofit agencies. Saving the both time and money. TIPS provide a proven, streamlines process that eliminates the purchasing stress for Members.


are able to save time and money without the
delay and expense because TIPS completes
the competitive bid process for you


Full-Line Contract Solutions

Choose the products & services desired

Leveraging Relationships

  • Select the Vendor desired to purchase from & work with
  • TIPS is always available to assist in the process & confirm pricing

Quality Pricing

  • Avoid low-bids and low-quality awards.
  • Receive national volume, ceiling-based, discounted pricing
  • Submit your own RFQ and specs through our Member Portal in one easy step


The benefits of using TIPS are available to Education, Government and Non-Profit Agencies

TIPS is the purchasing cooperative of Region 8 Education Service Center, the Lead Public Agency.

TIPS has the legislative authority to establish contracts for government and education agencies nationwide.

Membership is FREE with no purchasing obligation or liabilty. Members gain immediate access to our competitively procured contracts with quality vendors.

Need Assistance? Contact TIPS (866) 839-8477