OnPointe…Your One Stop Shop

Your time matters!

In a society where everyone seems to be operating by the “time is of the essence” method, it is imperative for any business that wants to be successful to understand the importance of a customer’s time. Whether it’s needing fingerprints back at a certain time for government clearance, needing a document notarized by a certain date or getting a background check complete to get an employment candidate working as soon as possible, OnPointe Alliance understands the importance of time.

But what is the next most important thing to a customer besides time? It’s ACCURACY! When a person needs something done in a timely manner, they should not have to compromise the ability to have it done correctly just to get it done fast. OnPointe Alliance pride ourselves with the ability to not only get your business needs taken care of fast, but also with the most accurate and efficient level of service possible.

We Understand and Operate by FBI Standards!

When performing fingerprints for customers, OnPointe understands the importance of understanding pertinent information concerning the customer’s needs such as:

  • What state is requesting the fingerprints and what specific guidelines does that state require?
  • What type of fingerprint card does the customer need for a specific employer?
  • Does the company requesting fingerprints want them done electronically (Livescan) or on a FD-258 ink card?

By understanding these important factors, it allows us to provide excellent service to the customer and quality prints as well by certified and well-trained fingerprint technicians.

There are also crucial things to know when notarizing a document for a customer. Failure to understand and abide by the state guidelines concerning notarial services can be quite costly and have legal ramifications.

Because we care about our customers’ needs and know the severity of the consequences of not following the state guidelines, OnPointe Alliance makes it our goal to ensure that before a document is notarized, that we have the necessary knowledge concerning what type of documentation is being notarized and that the proper identification is present at the time of notarization. Also, for our customers’ peace of mind, we at OnPointe want our customers to know that we are commissioned, insured and bonded.

Need a background check ASAP? OnPointe is the way to go! We are excited to inform our customers that through TransUnion, we now offer fast same day results! No longer will a candidate not be able to start working by the deadline. We provide you with fast and accurate background checks to keep your on-boarding process moving at the pace you need.

So, as you can see, OnPointe Alliance is your one stop shop for your business and professional needs. For more information and to learn about our mobile services in the Dallas-DFW and surrounding areas, please visit us at www.onpointealliance.com or give us a call at (469) 466-1424.