(FDLE) Florida Background Checks

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Florida Background Checks

How It Works

20-minute increments are blocked off for each appointment to ensure we are capturing quality and classifiable prints. Time may vary depending on the conditions of each individual's hands and their ability to relax and allow the technician to lead the session. Click "learn more" for the detailed process for each service. FOR PRICING AND AVAILABILITY, SELECT THE SERVICE YOU NEED AND CLICK "GET FINGERPRINTED".

Before you schedule_… Get instructions from your requesting agency that includes a specific ORI Number (Originating Agency Identifier). An ORI is a code that tells us why you are getting a background check and lets FDLE know where to forward your results. Florida background checks are typically completed within 3 business days of receiving the electronic submission.

What is a Florida Background Check

OnPointe Alliance is approved to transmit FDLE Level 2 background checks to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for purposes including employment, licensing, or certification.

There are 2 ways fingerprints are collected and transmitted to (FDLE) Florida's Department of Law Enforcement...

  • Standard FDLE Live Scan Fingerprinting which is for applicants requesting services from an approved FDLE Vendor In-Person.

  • FDLE Hard Card Scanning is for applicants physically Out-Of-State that need to submit fingerprints to FDLE. In this instance, the applicant will submit 2 FD-258 ink cards to the vendor, the cards will be scanned, and converted to electronic images.

Either way, typically transmissions are completed within 3 days of receiving the electronic submission.

Our clients consist of a wide industry spectrum of institutions and professions with applicants for employment, licensing, or certification, including but not limited to:

  • Security Guards
  • Teachers
  • Schools
  • Realtors
  • CPAs
  • Lottery Retailers
  • Stockbrokers
  • Contractors
  • Attorneys
  • Gaming
  • Insurance
  • Pharmacists
  • Volunteers
  • Nurses/Doctors/Hospitals
  • Caregivers for Children & Elders
  • Massage Therapist

Why Choose OnPointe Alliance

Here at OnPointe Alliance, we understand that the process of finding the perfect fingerprinting location with trained and certified technicians can be a bit overwhelming.

Let us eliminate the stress!!!

  • Our Fingerprinting Technicians are certified and highly trained on a State and Federal level

  • We have real people to answer the phone to get you the answers you need

  • We fingerprint for any reason, any state, including international

  • We only use the highest quality fingerprint capture materials and live scan devices

  • We offer member & corporate benefits, incentives, and special rates

  • We offer free convenient security monitored parking, wifi, and refreshments

Why Choose OnPointe Alliance
  • We train and certify Fingerprinting Technicians which requires us to operate a higher standard of collection

  • We have a proven reputation of being skilled to capture the best quality prints for our clients with less than perfect ridges or special circumstances regarding their hands

  • We 100% guarantee our work in the event of rejection due to the error of our technicians

  • We deliver accuracy, efficiency, and quality customer service while maintaining Covid safety and sanitation precautions

  • We provide the same Ink Fingerprinting as your local law enforcement agency

  • We keep a full supply of FD-258, SF-87, and Finra Ink Cards

  • We offer Mobile, In-office, and Archived fingerprinting services

It is our goal to create a memorable experience with our clients from the first point of contact to the end of each and every appointment!

Special Hours

Before or after normal business hours

A special hour fee will apply for an appointment scheduled before/after normal business hours. Please call to schedule any special request with one of our team members.

To request services, please contact us at (888) 741-7926.

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