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Our Community Resource Program is currently looking to partner with local organizations and churches within the DFW Metroplex area to provide (discounted/free) InkCard Fingerprinting and Notary Services to low income families.

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It is our mission to join forces with leaders to uplift, empower, and invest in every individual’s future, ultimately creating better communities.

OnPointe Alliance combines the benefits of outstanding customer service and dedication to the community, by providing knowledge and efficiency in every interaction.


Building Stronger Communities

Here at OnPointe Alliance, community outreach has always been the heartbeat of our team. It is within our communities that greatness is developed, creativity is captured, and dreams become reality. We find that, individuals become more successful in achieving their goals, with the support of our communities coming together.

As the world evolves politically and industrially, a FBI Criminal History Summary Check or Notarization of a document(s), has become an absolute must. Most of our goals consist of various reasons to travel the world, whether it be to build extended families through adoption, acquire specific licensing to start businesses or to obtain immigration privileges.

One thing is for sure, we all have to abide by the law. With that being said, some families are not as fortunate as others to pay for something as simple as a background check; or a notarization is not always easy to obtain with other daily responsibilities. For some, fulfilling these requirements can be a hardship.

Our President

Arletha Kent, President, and Founder of OnPointe Alliance understand the challenges of obtaining day-to-day necessities.

Having experienced some of these challenges gives her compassion to provide resources to assist those who may be experiencing difficulties due to the lack of transportation or funding. Our Community Resource Program has been structured to eliminate that concern.

We have the ultimate confidence in the abilities and effectiveness of this program, as we are excited to welcome you and your community on board!




FBI Applicant Fingerprint Cards FD 258 (Ink Fingerprinting)

FBI Applicant Fingerprint Card FD 258 (Ink Fingerprinting) There are only a few ways in which an individual’s fingerprints can be “captured” (i.e. Live Scan, Electronic Fingerprinting) and submitted into law enforcement agencies databases. For the purpose of this article we will talk about the FBI Applicant Fingerprint Cards FD 258 (Ink Fingerprinting). So why…


Identity History Summary Checks

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) now allows individuals to obtain “Identity History Summary Checks”. Also known as a “FBI Report”, Identity History Summary Checks are basically reviews or proofs that criminal records may or may not exist for individuals. The US Department of Justice Order 556-73, also known as Departmental Order, has established guidelines…


DOJ-FBI Live Scan Fingerprinting Processing

How the process works The Department of Justice (DOJ) Live Scan Fingerprinting processing time usually comes back within 72 hours electronically to the requesting agency. Mailing the results back to the requesting agency could take from 7-10 days. However some delays do occur, for any significant delay the DOJ will contact the requesting agency. The…


OnPointe…Your One Stop Shop

Your time matters! In a society where everyone seems to be operating by the “time is of the essence” method, it is imperative for any business that wants to be successful to understand the importance of a customer’s time. Whether it’s needing fingerprints back at a certain time for government clearance, needing a document notarized…


Where Has Good Customer Service gone?

What does Dinosaurs and Good Customer Service have in Common? Who would have thought that in the year 2018 good customer service would be running neck and neck with the dinosaurs by being “EXTINCT”?! We know it is a hard truth to swallow, but the reality is, that in a society of reality TV and…


Insurance Adjusters

Fingerprinting, Notary, Drug Testing & Background Screening


Mobile Notary Services Available Now!!!

Now serving DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas 24/7 for your convenience. Call Now to get a quote for fast and friendly service near you! We are Insured and bonded.


Partner With OnPointe Alliance…Were Stronger Together!

Let’s Get It Done Our Community Resource Program is currently looking to partner with local organizations and churches within the DFW Metroplex area to provide (discounted/free) InkCard fingerprinting and notary services to low income families. By partnering with OnPointe Alliance, the facilitator of your organization or leader of your church group will invite OnPointe Alliance…


FBI Ink Card (FD-258) – Fingerprinting

Ink Card Fingerprinting may be required for any of the following reasons: Obtaining criminal history record from another state or another country. Applicants would be required to submit the ink card to the appropriate state agency or country’s government agency. Obtaining a copy of criminal history record sent directly to the applicant by the FBI.…