Employment Screening

Employment Screening

Allow us to help you pick the best candidate for the position. We understand the frustration of receiving hundreds of resumes and not having the resources to properly and accurately screen your potential new hire. We provide same-day results and accuracy at an affordable cost.

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Online employment screening in mintues, not days.

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Great results in 3 easy steps:

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Create an account and send a screening request to your applicant.

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The applicant enters their personal information and their identity is authenticated.

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The reports are delivered to you and your applicant in minutes.

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National Criminal Report

National Criminal reports delivered within minutes

  • Criminal records searched from both state and national databases.
  • Most Wanted Databases
  • Fewer false positive results due to enhanced record matching

Full Credit Report

Credit reports formatted for employment screening

  • Delivered direct from TransUnion
  • FCRA-regulated data
  • Full credit reports available 24/7 online

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To Convenient access to high quality reports helps you pick the right applicant so you can get back to your work.